the editor of no regret

So, I'm a person that's rather sceptical of my own results and output. Vey often, I start writing a post or a tweet, and then just backspace the whole thought into oblivion, kind of self-regulating me to a silly extent. While I should probably go on and discuss that with my therapist, I found a cheaper way to solve that immediate problem for me: The editor of no regret. It's a text editor that is optimised for forward-writing, meaning, it'll block almost all deletions. While this means that also your typos stick around, you can forget about rethinking every single sentence. Of course, the regret mode can be disabled and you can then edit as normally, and also pasting, copying and select-calling is still possible, but the instinctive backspace that I'm doing just doesn't work anymore.

I've written this post on this editor, and you can try it out, it's available at Just one file, so it should be rather fast. I have no idea how it looks on mobile, as I'm only using it on a desktop. I'll probably add a few features like dark mode, but for now it's persisting the input, so you can safely close your browser and resume at a later point. I've built some very minimal typewriter mode that keeps what you're writing (roughly) in the middle of the window.

Building the editor itself was a super fun exercise of only using vanilla JS and CSS to throw something together in an hour. It got really complicated because I just got a fresh keyboard today (hello, NuPhy75) and the slightly different layout is leading to roughly a million typos - especially bad when writing code.

But now it's there and I'm keen on getting some feedback - so let me know how it worked for you.