five things to notice

I've got a bit of Monday advise. Mostly for me, to prepare myself for an interesting week to come (and a short one at that, with Wednesday being a bank holiday here). Since I've gotten myself a journal - a red one, just in case - I figured that there has to be something meaningful to write in there. Next week, I'll try to write down only when one of the five things below is happening. I'm hoping for plenty of entries.

Things we ship. I'll note every little thing my team is moving to production. Doesn't matter how small, every little thing.

Things we break. Observing every little thing we make worse with our actions. Might be trust, might be an app.

Decisions we make. Again registering when important decisions are being made, and also how they're being made.

Disagreements. There's plenty, but I'm speaking about the ones that require something like active resolution - a discussion, a meeting. Most disagreements dissolve before any active step is required, so I'm trying to focus on the more meaningful ones.

Misunderstandings. Mind you, I thought about calling this one "confusion" first, but for some reason, confusion always sounds like someone hit their head a little and is now wondering in what city they find themselves in. So Misunderstandings: When communication didn't go well and now the discussion is not even about the content of the message, but rather the message and its interpretation.

A lot of focus on the potentials to improve, but also on the things to make us proud.

Gotta sharpen my pencils now, see you in the new week.