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strong things and weak things

A little while ago a coworker pointed to the problem that he doesn’t understand how I come up with decisions, what my criteria are. There’s probably a million answers to that, but since the topic was system design, it got me thinking. What are my guardrails, my thought processes when it comes to designing systems […]

the thing about deleting code

Refactorings, clean ups, consolidations – doesn’t matter what you call it, but there’s something calming about finding ways to touch code without the intent to functionally change or improve it. It’s like cleaning the workshop. And much like cleaning the workshop, there’s an art to focussing disproportionately on actually: deleting code. Deleting code is the […]

the thing about excitement

Every team emits or radiates some kind of energy. Some teams are lethargic, others are friendly. There’s cold teams, teams that aren’t teams but more a collection of ICs, pretty much all states that social groups can have, you find in teams as well – since they’re pretty much social groups to begin with. Groups, […]

the tetris approach to technical debt

When dealing with software systems in any of the larger organisations I was working, legacy things are a big topic. Whether that’s a big legacy system that is basically immutable, or just really complicated components of a system that is actually still kind of in development. There’s some attributes that those systems, in my view […]

the thing about risk

Here’s an observation: The less risk there is in doing something, the more time you spend to speak about it. This is about decision making in organisations, and it’s something that just struck me today. I’ve been in situations where taking risks was just part of the routine – with the occasionally bad outcome that […]


Ok, let’s talk about focus. I learned a parenting hack a few weeks ago. One that really helped me to smoothen some previously tense or potentially tense situations. Whenever I need my toddlers to do something – like put on clothes, brush teeth, some part of the routine, and they’d be opposed to it (which […]

500 words

I used to have a habit of wrapping up my day by writing 500 words. As it happens with habits, I dropped that one and got a bunch of others in its place. Looking back, I feel the 500 words helped me to reflect on the matters of the day, or to conclude or continue […]


There’s never a better time for a change than now. In that sense I decided it’s about time to clean up my blog posts, only leaving some of the more recent ones around. The old blog content was certainly fun – but I have to be mindful it’s also from an entirely different episode in […]