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you need a kitchen

Remember house parties in your twenties? I do, and one of the highlights – and one of the common thing between most parties – was that the kitchen would be the focal point of most gatherings. Since a lot of partying revolved around drinking various kinds of beverages, the kitchen offered itself as an ideal […]

no is such a boring word

To get something out of the way – yes, I do say no quite often. But even if "no" is in itself a complete sentence (true!), I still think it’s a really boring sentence. Make better sentences. If conversations are two-way streets, no is like a stop sign. There’s no opportunity in no, no next […]


We’re running regular surveys in which all employees are asked to rate various aspects of their workplace, and that gets then summarised and condensed and gives me, as a line manager, the opportunity to understand what the people reporting to me think of the company, the team and their environment. My general expectation is to […]

great teams

If you take a group of people and have them walk one kilometre over a flat surface, and compare that group to another group that walks a kilometre over challenging terrain – those groups will be different in the end. One of those groups will have a story to tell, an achievement to celebrate and […]

flight levels

It feels like I’m entering some sort of phase where the focus is on some of my mental models. One of those is flight levels. Solutions have different flight levels. Conventionally, a flight level is the altitude at which an airplane is flying. The higher up you are changes significantly what you can see. You […]


There’s words I use a lot at work. One of them is capability. What’s a capability? It’s something your system can do, kind of like a skill or feature. If you’re building a content management system, and that content management system can display blocks of HTML, and not only rich text, that’s a capability. It’s […]

optimise for frequency

There must be a special place where all the abstractions that were never needed, but still built, go when a project is abandoned. Today I want to talk about optimising for frequency. What I mean by that is to make the things you do often during development of a thing really easy, while not getting […]

they know

Note: I was not sure if I should publish this post, because it very much feels like i’m putting folks in too broad categories – I’m not, it’s one of the many mental models I use at work, when leading teams. I’m writing this with many grains of salt, and I’d ask you to read […]

fast things

When I was 13 or 14 and went to school, we did have a computer room. Probably multiple computer rooms, and they had computers that were running Word and other standard software of that era. Thinking back, one thing I can not not chuckle about is how Word still takes exactly as long to start […]


Recently I helped doing some renovations in my daughter’s kindergarten. It was a fun weekend project with some fellow moms and dads, and one of the other parents really stood out. While we were all somewhat equally motivated, he brought a very interesting skill to the table: improvising solutions that made problems go away. It […]