call to action

Forget consensus. Scratch making compromises. Fuck alignment. Don't attend that one call where twenty people with no skin in the game don't say anything meaningful, anyway. Build a solution in half the time it would have taken to figure out the right group of stakeholders.

Make it easy to rollback. Make it easier to deploy. Scratch your Role Based Access Management. Have one role for everyone. Let go of privileged access, be completely transparent.

Listen to what is said, not to who says it. You have two pedals. Concerns are the brake. Action is the accelerator. Guess which one is making you fast. Do something or don't do something, but don't half ass anything.

Stop working on useless things. Stop predicting the future. Stop optimising for problems you don't have yet. Solve the problem you have. Do not pass go.

Talk about the most important thing. If you do not know what the most important thing is, finding out what the most important thing is is the most important thing. Spend all your energy on that. Be in a hurry to create clarity. Do not defer important calls. Without focus, all the action is worthless.

Ideas are cheap, solutions are expensive. Don't talk about ideas, talk about solutions. Talk about how to get rubber on the road, not how to build castles in the sky.

Accept disagreement. Encourage disagreement. Find disagreement. It means that a decision has been made. It means decisions are made. Progress is a sharp tool, and it occasionally cuts through the fabric of a team. It'll heal.

Give people a chance to prove you wrong. Prove people wrong. Confidence needs space to grow. Ownership needs owners. Both needs autonomy, not control. If you can never be disappointed, how can you be delighted. Let folks think outside the box. Trust is the loose coupling of organisations. If you trust the right people, magic will happen. If you trust the wrong people, don't trust them again. Be honest. Don't lie. Don't work with people that lie.

The wrong action is better than no action. Optimise for as few wrong actions as possible, not as few actions. Being cautious doesn't add any value. Being cautious sounds smart. Building things is smart.

Find people that get things done. Help them get things done. They'll help you get things done, as well. Be sneaky if necessary. Always be helpful.

Doing the wrong things right is worse than doing the right things wrong. Help to make things better. Stop wrong things.

Hindsight is 20/20. Progress comes with change, and change can be a risky thing. Things breaking means that things are changing, and that's good. Help that fewer things break, not that fewer things are changed. Never judge people for honest work. Don't point fingers, don't say names. Be part of the solution.

Be the group, and win in the group. No one is special. Your job title doesn't matter. Getting meaningful things done does. Speaking about the work is not work. The work is the work.

Let's get something done.