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  • Hello, Tlmtry!

    tl;dr: Sensor tracking app using fun technology. App Store link. Session Example.

    I've never been much of a finisher when it comes to private side projects. Not this time, I said to myself.

    No, not this time.

    My fascination for the number of sensors in smartphones, paired with affordable and fast mobile connectivity these days inspired me to create Tlmtry. Tlmtry lets you stream live data to a web application, making your activities (whatever that may be) accessible almost in realtime. It looks like this:

    Tlmtry requires no registration, no login and is for the currently available feature set free of charge. It's only available for iOS at the moment but the Android version is currently in the works. Get tlmtry on the App Store.

    A session is a simple link that can be freely shared. Even after a session is complete, it can still be replayed (at different speeds) to examine or analyze a certain activity.

    Interested in watching some sessions? Here you go.

    You might want to scroll a bit until the action starts, especially for the first two examples. Use the gray bar at the bottom to do so.

    While the app itself looks and feels rather boring, the web application and technology behind it are not. Being neither a frontend guy nor a design guy, this project was a fun challenge to get up to speed with all the nice and not so nice frontend technologies that there are, learn a good bit about some stuff I just didn't have a chance to play around with yet.

    Tlmtry was released with "release early, release often" in mind, so please mind some bugs and shortcomings – I'm actively working on every part of the system.

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