hey! it's now about 5 hours until take-off, I've finished packing my stuff and now kind of lost in not knowing what to do. In fact, Im thinking about where to post videos if it's not youtube and where to easily put pictures online. Twitpic seems to be a good choice for I/O liveblogging, yet I'm trying to do some other stuff ( visiting twitter, maybe, hope they agree ) as well. As I'm a poor student not able to rent a car or something, I hope my fellow student Jay will pick me and my friend up for a ride to silicon valley. I've definitely got some ideas to drop of there.

- Tell Google to put some up-to-date Java Reference on top of the search results. At the moment the first hit is 1.3.1.

That's just one, of course. I hope the weather in SF isn't that bad, warm, cold, foggy, whatever. And I'm looking forward to meeting lots of talented, enthusiastic, open and friendly guys to talk about everything technical, and anything else.

Just a bit excited: momo.