But just busy doing _work_. It's fun, but it's keeping me from blogging the way I'd like to. What happened in the meantime? First of all my MacBook pretended to die, as I wrote here. I figured out yesterday that it was only the new harddisk refusing the work. So now I got a new iMac on the way and a functioning MacBook at home. Luxury is here.

I think it's a bit nasty that Apple enrolls the AppleCare subscription just after completing the order process, without being able to use this machine. This means I'm paying for 5 days more than I can actually use this service. Sucks.

Next I'm quite impressed by Rails ( again ). It just works like a charm, really, although I couldn't get passenger on Debian etch to work, but I think that's something quite fixable. We'll see.

Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about the project I'm working on, but I'm very excited to be part of it and hopefully I'll show you what I'm doing here. I also wrote an acts_as_localized plugin, enabling localized database models that are used just as normal models. The code is not the best, but if someone wants to have it, just ask.

So long :-)