Wow. just wow. The last few days, I received tons of emails from people who want to beta test qwerted, have been featured on some blogs ( , ignore the code , mobiflip , some other languaged-blogs ), thanks to the all writers, and got a lot of motivation from the positive reactions.

There are some things I'd like to adress in a short here. First of all, iPhone indeed has some kind of resizing of the touch areas for specific keys, but it's not as extensive as qwerted's resizing. Just try it ( I did )! Overall, qwerted and all other android keyboards do have a special problem, and that is that screen estate is fairly limited, and at least on my devices ( g1, google ion ) the screen is notably smaller than the iphone's.

The next issue is word suggestions. Many people approached me with that wish. I'm currently in the process of building "more necessary" things, like a dictionary installer, and qwerted will get suggested words after that. But I guess not in the plain way you know word suggestions. Maybe context aware, maybe something else. But they are definitely on the agenda.

A word on pricing. I set up a small survey for beta users ( If you're one of those, the survey is on google ), and the results at this point indicate a selling price of about $2.49. I think this is quite fair and reasonable.

I'm sorry if I forgot to answer some mails or didn't reply to questions, it's been a few busy days, and I'm still overwhelmed, amazed and thrilled by the way the whole qwerted-thing developed. And it's just the start.

Finally: I guess I'm going to make the end-of-january deadline!