Hey! I'm currently located in session room 09 and learning on how to code thee for android. Back to the headline.

After being opened by Eric Schmidt, the whole Keynote thingy mainly concentrated on HTML5 features. These features are really impressive, be it a video-tag, the canvas element ( max :-) ), background-worker processes and other related stuff that is quite handy and really capable of improving every developers live. It's also nice to see that every major browser vendor, excluding Microsoft, seem to be well-prepared for the upcoming changes.

The clear development towards web-based everything not being distinguishable form "normal" locally-ran applications is also supported by new caching mechanisms and subsequent possibility of using e.g. gmail even with no connection, a  highly useful feature certainly leading to a broader acceptance of web-based applications.

Another thing remarkable is google's view on android and it's wide market adoption. In contrast to popular tech opinion, they seem to be quite satisfied, and predicting a strong year for android to come. An indicator may be that this session room I'm sitting in is overcrowded. Another is the wide range of apps presented, including gmote, a remote control application working on all platforms providing a simple to use remote control feature for your desktop, including touchscreen-to-mouse translation, remote media control and even the possibility to watch movies and pictures ( in fact, everything renderable ) stored on your computer on your handset. Nice.

I'm looking forward to the rest of this day, especially, tada, for my free htc magic. Stay tuned.