Jiha. Windows 7 is approaching, and it seems that all people waiting for the post-vista OS by Microsoft will change their minds. Really. Vista was Burner, but this time, seriously, Microsoft kills OS X. And this .. linux? No one will ever use it again. A small subset of stunning features I encountered:

-  Calculator, still unable to calculate sqrt(4) - 2 = 0. Some numeric disaster.

-  Snippet, a rocking tool to create eye-catching.. screenshots. Wow.

- A sophisticated and well-worked out Fax and Scan-Utility. After all, E-Mail isn't that important.

- No E-Mail client. Proved to be unnecessary as E-Mail is only a huge security thread, and spam sucks. Good choice here!

- Superbar. Excellent. Amazing. Never seen it before. almost.

- Aero Peek. A great way to see all your windows. Apples Expose is patented, by the way.

- Many features that allow for individual customization of your Machine. That is great. Just amazing. Why work if you can just waste your time customize your Desktop?

- Cutting-Edge Games like Minesweeper. And Solitaire. And clock.

And of course, the most advanced browser, Internet Explorer, ships with Windows 7.

Seriously, use Ubuntu. grr.