Once upon a time, some brave men fought for the freedom of communication and knowledge. They built the Internet, and all it's great applications, like the WWW, E-Mail, Instant Messaging.. bla.

It gained public interest with porn. Nothing special. Just happened. But despite the fact the the Internet is as crowded with porn as any other media is, the people who originally designed it still kept on going. The idea was and is unique.

Other people spent there time, developed whole new models of how to create software, collaborate in projects and communicate. Built up a whole new world.

Well, the jerks came back. Monetizing the Web. Without understanding it. Governments want to restrict it. Without having a clue about the how and what. And still. People are there building a great web. Making it a pleasure to use everyday.

So, despite of all the Spam, Phising and whatever is out there, next time you here someone talking about a great idea to make money there, just think of what the idea was. Certainly, it wasn't money.