Finally, I found the time to install Piwik, an open-source Google Analytics lookalike. I've chosen to maintain a solution besides analyzing server stats to track traffic. Why? By using a snippet that executes some code, it is ensured that most spiders are simply not counted, careless of how well they are disguised.

Back to Piwik: the two main advantages over Googles solution are that you keep the data local and can do whatever you want with it, and for the curious, statistics are realtime.

The installation went down without any problems, as expected. Unfortunately, another PHP software requiring MySQL, though Piwik uses DataObjects, so porting it to work with any other DBMS shouldn't be a big deal.

The snippet to include is a bit larger than Google's one, Piwiks one is this:

While Googles snippet looks something like this:

Note that Google updated their snippet recently to include now a try-catch blog. Read the Analytics page for more info here. If you want to try out Piwik, just drop me a line and I'll give you an account here if you want.

I'm quite curious on how the stats look like, I feel better to host them here than anywhere else, and I'll also post some comparison of the actual stat results. Stay tuned!