Running Mac OS X, i forgot to mention that in the headline. Why? Apple is most likely busy updating it's own stuff, promoting it's platform, and since the iPhone came up, many people started learning Cocoa, so the developer base there has grown, too. Additionally, the general user base is also growing, making it a more interesting target for Software Companies. And there are not many basic rules, valid everywhere, but one is for sure that Java Desktop applications just don't integrate well. There is maybe an exception for programs using SWT, but still, the native look and feel is something different.

So the question I'm asking is whether it's that bad that there is no Java support? Yes! Absolutely! At least if you either use programs or build programs depending on it. Of course, most programs just work fine with Java 5, but there are some that just don't. And so one of the main reasons for Java is obsolete: write once, run everywhere. And while Sun, the company behind Java, is providing Runtime Environments for Windows and Linux, it's not for Mac. So it's not Apples fault alone. But careless of who's fault it is, it just sucks, clearly spoken.