Keep looking for that headline! The reason is simple, and you will agree ( hopefully ) that this is indeed a freaking funny bug description. The bug itself is funny, too. And I just don't understand why, but let the details rest aside, and let's enjoy it:

A Web site cannot set a cookie if the Domain attribute is in uppercase characters and has an odd number of characters in Internet Explorer 7

You can read find that bug in the Knowledge Base. This post features nothing else but this bold bug description, so here's my question, to be answered in the comment: what do you think was the code that caused this bug looking like? Any languages ( even brainfuck! ) welcome..

Edit: I stumbled upon a video demonstrating that by getting the square root of 4 and subtracting 2 from the result, the calculator.. outputs some rather unique result. Any explanation here? Try it, works in any Windows version. Buggy times.