This is an experiment. And I want to clearify that I'm neither a communist nor someone who never buys music, both isn't true. But an industry not getting tired of trying to control very important aspects of our lives just to guarantee some profit is indeed driving me nuts. So here's my plan.

Maybe you've heard that the music industry finally decided on dropping charges against individuals, and that from now on the strategy is to work with ISPs to simply cut off unprofitable users. This reminds me of ancient laws ( that are, unfortunately, still used in some parts of the world ) where a criminal would get his hand cut off if he used it to steal something with it. 

While some countries like France are already in the process of passing such a law, elsewhere lobbyists are still busy convincing politicians to do so. If you want to get into the topic, a good place to turn to is certainly the Electronic Frontier Foundation, featuring an article covering the topic.

If you are just like me, and many other folks, just follow a specially created twitter-user called #ourrights. This account will link nowhere, it's just a statement to follow it. Please also spread the word by posting an update on your tweed. Thank you, and always keep in mind that we are the masses.