Good morning.


[caption id="attachment_152" align="alignright" width="300" caption="French fries"]French fries[/caption]

I just realised why i like cooking that much. Because it's hacking - in a way. My french roommate ( a cool guy btw ) is very good at that, and he impressed me by - bring in the cliché - preparing french fries in a pan. 

I'm curious. All the time, people affine towards computers and related stuff are considered to eat only instant food or microwave dishes. True? I don't think so, many nerd-friends of mine tend to cook from time to time, not the worst stuff.

It may of course also be affected by the desire for quality. Programming and hacking is sometimes just motivated by the need to improve a situation or to simplify a workflow. Same for food, I guess.

Breakfast was tasty, by the way.