What would you do if you had the chance to meet some fellow android developers at Google's Europe HQ in Zürich for free? Yes, you register and go there. As did I, we. Unfortunately, someone at Google's messed the times up, which lead to us having to depart in Stuttgart at 6am rather than 10am, but nevertheless we made it on time.

What's the impression of the Google HQ? It's quite hard to remain objective and unimpressed, so the report may well be seriously biased. Sights along the way in: Streetview car, Google Sign. No suits. Sights in the entrance area: Pool table ( playable ), fridge, Google Sign. Very colourful, nice. Once we waited about 10 minutes we were guided to the conference location, which was also located on the ground floor, right next to the cafeteria and the ( ! ) gym. The overall impression on the way there was that it's actually not a place that's perfectly suitable for working there, but it's a place where living might be fun as well :-)

We had to wait some time until the event kicked off, but the time was spent more or less usefully setting up wifi, talking to other developers and the android stuff ( specifically Reto Meier who held the talk ) and drinking free coke. The event started, but was interrupted to give away free nexus ones. This came not really as a surprise as a) the boxes were located next to the entry, so it was not hard to spot and b) most of the participants I talked to followed the other lab sessions e.g. in Berlin and Paris. But forget about surprises, it's so amazing to get a phone for free ( actually, it's even more amazing if it's the second one ). And what can I say, it rocks, you need to play with one for a little while, forget the iPhone, honestly.

After about half an hour later, the talk finally began, very interactive, very well-held. It basically included a what is android-primer, as well as some focus on technologies available and best practices. After a short while ( let's guess it was 30 minutes ), we switched over to having .. lunch. And damn, it was tasty like hell. Just like the whole day, all people were nice, friendly, it was a really great atmosphere even just to eat.. wow.

The second part of the talk focused on some code examples, and afterwards, the fun part of the event began: the big bang question session. I had some prepared, as had almost all other people there. And it's just great to talk to someone who knows ( omitting the should here ), and gives you a clear answer. Reto Meier, again, did a great job on this.I also showed some people qwerted, and I guess some even liked it :-). There is one app I really want to recommend, it's called Music Queue and tries to change the way we listen to music and organize our on-the-fly playlist. Great app, cool developer!

What can I see? We left too soon ( for my impression ), and I need to work there. Like, really. Unfortunately, picture taking is generally not allowed on the premises, yet we were able to take some at the conference room itself.

Thanks to all the great people there, was a really cool day.. next year again, hm?

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