So, on this very exceptionally snowy day here in Stuttgart, i decided to procrastinate a bit and do some fun stuff. Because going outside would have been at least life-threatening, I decided that the most exciting adventure would be to clean the kitchen take a panorama image out of my 3 living room windows. Here it is.

After having mastered the fun part of the day, I had a really interesting skype call with a former colleague of mine who is now enrolled at UCL. We spoke about some projects we have been doing, and of course the upcoming ones. And I guess a sideproject of his,, is really worth mentioning. I don't know what to do with it, but maybe you can put it to use.

Another, at first sight, useless site is, a project where everyone is encouraged to write 750 words every day. The texts are not published nor accessible to anyone else but you, so it's a private diary for everyone who has a need for one. From my personal attempt to use it I can tell that 750 words is a lot.

The last interesting snippet of the day was a collection of tipps for keeping Java code clean and maintainable. Although the text dates back to 2001, it's still of remarkabel relevance and definitely worth reading.