Hey again. Happy new year. First of all, iType is the first project that looks like it's going to be finished in time. That allows for two conclusions: either, it wasn't hard to built or I am finally becoming a good programmer. I admit, it wasn't hard to build then. I expect it to be in the Android market at about 15-20 of Jan, but I'll keep you updated then. I'm working on a new screencast, for the time being, see iType in old action. Oh, on public demand the name is going to change from iType ( which is, by the way, a name used my Monotype ) to qwerted. Qwerted seems 100% nonsense, so I like it naturally.

Twitter is still distracting me from everything, always. And it will keep doing so, it's uselessness in perfection. Really great. If you want to follow me, it's derwildemomo .

The next best thing is stackoverflow, a prototypic kind and polite community very focused on solving problems. If you haven't heard of it ( impossible if you read this blog ), you should really visit it. Renders almost all programming-related discussion boards useless.

I need a Nexus One. So if you do have a Nexus One: I need it. Stay tuned, more to follow.