Hey! I haven't been writing here in a while, so let's have some updates.

First of all, I noticed something Techcrunch was also writing about some time ago, that google doesn't protect embedded images in private documents in _any_ way. So basically, everything you upload there can be treated as public.

Next thing, latex, the typesetting system, seems to be stuck in a time where character encodings where something rather bizarre, and for that reason has it's share of problems with it. There are packages, like utf8 and utf8x to work around this issue, but it's not perfect. What I've experienced, a strange error message telling me that

Package inputenc Error: Unicode char u8:  not set up for use with LaTeX.

And my way to get around it was to simply add the packages ucs besides utf8 to the preamble..


and everything is working fine now. great.

Last topic today is a project update. What's going on?

  • A virtual keyboard for android with some nice effects, I'm doing this one together with Marc Seeger.
  • I just participated in the foundation of the Google Technology Usergroup Neckar-Alb ( A region in southern germany around Stuttgart ), and we hope to be able to provide the community here with some cool events in the future! If you want to participate or are just curious, be sure to check out our twitter.
  • I'm currently also writing a paper on distributed contact management, a really interesting field, stay tuned on that one.
  • Some hacking involved, but nothing releasable actually.

If you want some nice reading, I can really recommend two papers: the first one is on API design, and some kind of a .NET-rant, it's called "API Design Matters" and is written by Michi Henning. The other one was written by Marc Seeger and is a practical overview of available Key-Value stores ( applause for NoSQL ). Get it on his blog.

The next weekend I'm going to spend in Hamburg, really looking forward!