Good morning. It seems I have to stay wake so i don't oversleep. Oversleeping would mean something like missing a flight, not really desirable. 

Staying wake always makes me do weird stuff in the middle of the night. That is, reading all feeds I recently ignored, taking care of stuff that has to be taken care of ( that is university ) and scheduling my activities for the upcoming, lets say, 3 weeks. 

Blogging is definitely a part of it, as I'm not exactly happy with the posts here. I'm working on it, to be more sepcific: I'm planning to do an article series on a .. secret topic. You'll see, but I still have to finish work on Sharer, my LAN-Filesharing utility. I'll tell you something about it. 

Sharer is at the moment simply a damn simple binary protocol and a Application implementing it. The protocol structure is quiet simple. A connection between two clients is initiated by establishing a control-connection. Thats the one used to retrieve metadata like file information etc.. If a client wants to get a specific file, it requests a transfer connection. File is being sent over it. I'm still working on it, as it appears to be more work than I initially planned. 

This whole project is based on the idea that simple file sharing that is decentralised and restricted ( or at least primarily designed ) for use in local networks is pretty much a lame topic. Every major company is proud to have some own protocol there, them being not compatible bla bla bla. So i decided to waste some time on this proof of concept. To make it really useful and simple to use ( remember \mycomputer or \ ? that is _not_ user friendly! ), Sharer uses the Bonjour for Java Bindings provided by Apple. The Usage is quite straightforward, and it works well. I haven't checked out yet if these Bindings are also available for Linux, but I hope so. At least for Windows and Mac(!) they are. 

I think I'll try to online check-in now. Window seat.