I'm doing this post for two reasons. The first one is that I really need to distract myself from C++ inconsistencies, the Intel 8051 instruction set and my inability to learn finnish verbs. I actually doubt that I will pass that exam tomorrow, but I keep trying, that's the least I have to do. The second reason is that I noticed that my first post here was roughly a month ago, so let's do a bit of a summary about this blog.

First of all: it's fun. It's really, really fun. I spent an estimated hour or two a day reading blogs and trying to write down some thoughts and opinions, and from what google analytics tell me, some people like it. Though comments are still rare ( I guess that's just normal ), there are already, please don't laugh, about 40 unique visitors a day, and I'm happy about each and everyone of them. 

At first it was hard to change from writing in German to English, but I think I made a good start, and although I may sound a bit too self-confident, I'm not, but that's just my impression, please correct me if I'm wrong.

And one thing I really started to do seriously is to link other, related posts. I guess this is to build and keep up the famous blogosphere.. so let's roll.

I'd be glad to have some feedback on my first month as a pretend-to-be-good english writer! Moritz.