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  • Daily: The eerie discovery of the strategy pattern.

    I recently had a short twitter conversation with Peter Steinberger about design patterns in the iOS world. My stance was that most real world apps suffer from too little software design rather than too much. I have seen a lot of projects from big and small companies – and while structural and creational design patterns are used implicitly and often unknowingly by the developers – such as adapters to encapsulate network transactions or the infamous singleton to create a globally shared instance of an object. Behavioral patterns are rarely, if at all, used in the mobile world. I think that’s sad because they provide a simple, readable and testable way to encapsulate functionality.

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  • Daily: RealmSwift and Autorefreshing

    Realm. If, by now, you haven’t heard of it, it’s time to click on that link and come back when you’ve mastered the basics.

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  • Daily: Questionable Gem: 'Cell Size Calculator'

    Four years ago iOS development was quite a bit different. CocoaPods was in its infancy, we @synthesized like crazy persons and fastlane was still a lane on a street where, well, you could go fast.

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  • Daily: RealmSwift + Unit Testing

    Realm is an increasingly popular replacement for Core Data or raw SQLite on iOS (and Android). It supports Swift quite well but I’ve had some trouble getting my test setup right, so here’s what’s working for me. My project is using Swift and is configured to run Tests using the XCTest Framework, so everything’s pretty vanilla. As always, I’m using Cocoapods for depedency management. If you’re using carthage stuff might be different.

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  • Daily: UIViewController Behaviours

    Creating light view controllers is a sure way to grow popular among iOS folks. The easiest way to do that is to pull everything out that is not an original concern of a view controller (or at least shouldn’t be).

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