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  • The top 25 programming errors: Watch and avoid

    Security is always a big issue, whether you are writing for a big company or just for fun. But many people, especially beginners, tend to underestimate the importance of securing their applications dramaticially. While stuff like a well-designed interface and the proper function of the application is directly visible, security works the other way round: it's presence ( or a lack thereof ) are only visible when it's in most cases too late. So, as for testing, security is a important quality attribute of your software, and you should care, and if you don't know where to start, the SANS-institute released a very comprehensive list of the most wanted programming errors.

    The list was created in collaboration with major actors, like Microsoft, Cisco and other popular names. While not all of them are applicable to all kinds of applications, you will certainly find some that do, and this list is certainly a very good source to start reading on that topic.

    Enough written, the document can be found here: Top 25 programming errors.

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  • Happy first month

    I'm doing this post for two reasons. The first one is that I really need to distract myself from C++ inconsistencies, the Intel 8051 instruction set and my inability to learn finnish verbs. I actually doubt that I will pass that exam tomorrow, but I keep trying, that's the least I have to do. The second reason is that I noticed that my first post here was roughly a month ago, so let's do a bit of a summary about this blog.

    First of all: it's fun. It's really, really fun. I spent an estimated hour or two a day reading blogs and trying to write down some thoughts and opinions, and from what google analytics tell me, some people like it. Though comments are still rare ( I guess that's just normal ), there are already, please don't laugh, about 40 unique visitors a day, and I'm happy about each and everyone of them. 

    At first it was hard to change from writing in German to English, but I think I made a good start, and although I may sound a bit too self-confident, I'm not, but that's just my impression, please correct me if I'm wrong.

    And one thing I really started to do seriously is to link other, related posts. I guess this is to build and keep up the famous blogosphere.. so let's roll.

    I'd be glad to have some feedback on my first month as a pretend-to-be-good english writer! Moritz.

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  • Microsoft to receive the annual award for the funniest bug

    Keep looking for that headline! The reason is simple, and you will agree ( hopefully ) that this is indeed a freaking funny bug description. The bug itself is funny, too. And I just don't understand why, but let the details rest aside, and let's enjoy it:

    A Web site cannot set a cookie if the Domain attribute is in uppercase characters and has an odd number of characters in Internet Explorer 7

    You can read find that bug in the Knowledge Base. This post features nothing else but this bold bug description, so here's my question, to be answered in the comment: what do you think was the code that caused this bug looking like? Any languages ( even brainfuck! ) welcome..

    Edit: I stumbled upon a video demonstrating that by getting the square root of 4 and subtracting 2 from the result, the calculator.. outputs some rather unique result. Any explanation here? Try it, works in any Windows version. Buggy times.

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  • Still include IE6 support when creating a Web Application?

    I really don't know if i shall. And this time I'm really asking for your opinion on that, just leave a comment. A Pro is that many users in corporate environments are still forced to use our favourite old-school browsing grandpa. And excluding a mentionable amount of users just for the sake of less work? 

    On the other hand, I guess that most people using really modern WebApps are nevertheless forced to use modern browsers. I don't know, really not. A short yet true list of cons is presented here as well, and a rather radical point of view presented by nick cowie.

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  • What my fellows are doing: Study projects

    A lot of stuff. Mostly, their blogs and documentation of their study-related projects is in german ( which is not a big deal if you're german .. haha ), but I think that it's interesting to take a look at what they are doing.

    Tommy was or is ( he claims to be at 90% ) busy coding some kind of document managing system in Java, you can read all about it in his blog. He seems to be a bit focused on glass effects, though. And his blog is in english, so good for you. 

    Good boy Johannes, who is just like me, long-haired and changing his blog URL quite frequently, is very ambitious: he's doing a game engine in C++. He points out what he's doing very detailed in his new blog at Unfortunately, it's in german.. 

    Käse ( best nickname ever, means just "cheese" ), who just got married, congratulations, creates some musical visualisation using Process. Read about it here. He's not updating it too frequently, but the stuff present, especially the preview movie are quite amazing.

    These are only the projects of the three guys I'm talking to frequently. I don't have one so far, but I'm on it, trust me!

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