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  • Rails Development: Comparing platforms

    And I know what I'm talking about! I've been doing heavy rails development lately, on all three major platforms. Start with OS X.

    It seems every serious Screencast for Rails was recorded using the famous Textmate Editor on OS X. At first sight, Textmate may seem to be a pretty ordinary Text Editor. Well, it isn't. It's very powerful and highly customisable. It's one of the products I'd buy always again, simply because it's worth it's price. Development is rather flawless, not only because of Textmate, but also because OS X is based on a Unix System, giving one the ability to run all utilities natively, avoiding perfomance issues. It's absolutely my favorite.

    After my MacBook commited suicide, I was forced to use XP. I wasn't happy. There are good code editors for sure ( I used vim nevertheless ) but the overall speed of testing tasks and so on is .. poor. Very poor. Those perfomance problems are well-known, though no one knows the exact reason ( at least I wasn't able to figure it out ). I don't want to flame here, but Windows is just not suitable for serious Rails development.

    After deciding that the above mentioned system was a pain in the ass rather than a solid solution, I switched to Ubuntu. And I'm amazed, really. Gedit with a few plugins seems to be a good alternative compared to TextMate, and all the packages run like a charm. And it's free and runs everywhere. It's my recommendation for every Windows+Rails developer. Install VMWare or VirtualBox and develop there, it's faster. Trust me.

    Tomorrow ( assuming UPS isn't lying ) my new iMac will arrive, and I'm so looking forward to it. What is your prefered platform for developing with rails?

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  • Still alive and well

    But just busy doing _work_. It's fun, but it's keeping me from blogging the way I'd like to. What happened in the meantime? First of all my MacBook pretended to die, as I wrote here. I figured out yesterday that it was only the new harddisk refusing the work. So now I got a new iMac on the way and a functioning MacBook at home. Luxury is here.

    I think it's a bit nasty that Apple enrolls the AppleCare subscription just after completing the order process, without being able to use this machine. This means I'm paying for 5 days more than I can actually use this service. Sucks.

    Next I'm quite impressed by Rails ( again ). It just works like a charm, really, although I couldn't get passenger on Debian etch to work, but I think that's something quite fixable. We'll see.

    Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about the project I'm working on, but I'm very excited to be part of it and hopefully I'll show you what I'm doing here. I also wrote an acts_as_localized plugin, enabling localized database models that are used just as normal models. The code is not the best, but if someone wants to have it, just ask.

    So long :-)

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  • Bose Support: best in town

    After 1 year of heavy usage my Tripod Earplugs finally died, just as my MacBook. The difference is that I just went to the Bose retail store today, showed my damaged ones, and without a further question they just gave me a new box. Rocks.

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  • Studiengebühren, Abwrackprämie, Vernunftbefreiung.

    Es geht ja normal immer um Technik oder andere Nutzlosigkeiten hier, aber heute muss ich die Richtung kurzzeitig wechseln und das Ergebnis einer wirklich kurzen Recherche kundtun. Ich studiere weder Politikwissenschaften noch habe ich die BWL-Klausur letztes Semester bestanden, dennoch muss doch erwähnt werden, dass dem Wahnsinn wohl endgültig Tür und Tor geöffnet wurden, als die Abwrackprämie eingeführt wurde.

    Erstmal zur Abwrack- bzw. Umweltprämie. 2500 Euro für ein 9 Jahre altes Auto, dass mindestens 1 Jahr beim Halter war. Und dann darf man sich ein subventioniertes Mobil kaufen. Das soll natürlich dazu dienen, die Binnennachfrage auf dem Automobilmarkt anzukurbeln, aber es ist doch fraglich ob jemand, der mit einem 9 Jahre alten Auto durch die deutschen Lande fährt sich als nächstes einen Golf oder BMW 1er kauft. Oder vielleicht doch einen günstigen Japaner. Also, mittelguter Plan, aber von unvergleichlicher Populistischer Schlagkraft. Wer will da noch Bildung.

    Genau da ist der Punkt. Für die Abwrackprämie stellt die Bundesregierung 1,5 Milliarden Euro bereit.1 500 000 000 Euro. Kein Problem wenn man das Geld den hätte, aber leider ist das nicht der Fall. Und weil das nicht der Fall ist muss ein normaler Student Studiengebühren zahlen, zumindest ich, hier in Baden Württemberg. Und während sich Innenpolitiker in der Furcht das Osama demnächst einen Regionalexpress in Castrop-Rauxel vom rechten Weg abringen nächtlich einnässen, wird die Chance auf Bildung unabhängig vom Kontostand nebenbei verbannt.

    Um noch eine Zahl einzuwerfen. Laut dem Statistischen Landesamt studieren in Baden-Württemberg 231509 Menschen, ( Quelle ), selbst wenn jeder Studiengebühren bezahlen müsste würde das einen Betrag von 115754500 Euro ergeben, also 115 Millionen Euro. Und an dieser Stelle muss natürlich erwähnt werden dass das eine Bundeshaushalt und das andere Landesgeschichten sind, aber selbst diese Einschränkung beeinflußt den Unsinnigkeitsfaktor nur minimal.

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  • RIP, Macbook

    So this is great news on a monday morning. Just before I started to work my MacBook died. There was nothing I could do for it. The CPU-Fan stopped rotating at about 9:50am. May it rest in peace.

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