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  • Waiting for... Android wishlist

    Welcome in the middle of my night, I'm currently spending my days working, my evenings eating ( barbecue, it's gettin' hot in here.. ) and my nights either trying to watch my favorite TV-shows or sleeping. And if none of those shows is on, my head notices me of several thoughts, most of the time presented at a rather disturbing concurrency level, related to ... android.

    I'm still exploring the API, and Android as a complete product, and the more I learn, the more I'm getting caught by it. And I'm sure that a few years from now, many people now using costly, unhandy notebooks will be using devices based on something like Android.

    But let's try to stick to the title of this post. First of all, I'm really looking forward to Google I/O. I booked a flight, it's my 2nd time in San Francisco ( I don't know where to sleep yet, but there's some time left to figure it out, hints welcome ), excited. And I'm working towards finishing my own keyboard implementation to show it off. I'm not going to talk about it in detail as long as there is no working demo available, and it will take some time, trust me.

    I'm also waiting for Cupcake. Cupcake, for the ones of you who are not familiar with Android, is a read-only development branch, meant to publish non open-source development efforts. These efforts also include the creation of an Interface to implement custom Input Methods, be it a Keyboard or anything else that allows for input of textual data. One could very well think of a Morse-to-Text button ( idea for a tutorial ), a rotate-to-write or an application using an artificial neural network to do some lip-reading using the phones camera. Though the last one will be quite resource-consuming, the point is, anything can be done using the very generic API.

    Once again, if you want to use it, get yourself the Cupcake Sources. It's well explained at I somehow made it, without spending more than about 30 minutes, to build emulator images and the rest i needed to get going. And although the Eclipse plugin reports an error, it's working even for cupcake.

    Luckily, when building the stuff you need the docs are also being created, explaining what you need. I especially recommend to take a look at the built-in keyboard's implementation, as it's very readable and self-explaining.

    I'm really hoping to find some time to publish a tutorial on this topic, but I'm not able to promise anything.

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  • Gone professional..

    Finally, I'm happy to announce that I'm currently working full-time as an intern at wavedrop GbR in Stuttgart. During my internship I'll develop a full-scale Rails-based Application for an exciting project. My post frequency will suffer, but since "we" are also having a product blog concerning recordjob, I'm posting development-related stuff there, too ( although in german ).

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  • Donation-Buttons not working, thinking about other ways to collect Payment for Open Source Projects

    So finally I'm starting to write something that will certainly end up being tagged as 'simpleyeteffective' or 'improvingtheworld', hopefully both is true.

    There is to date no working revenue model and system for people contributing to open source projects. First of all I want to clearify that from my point of view, it's not about money creating free software, it's partially fun, maybe a result of paid work or simply a productive hobby, yet we are living in a world where money counts. So we are happily spending money for everything, while trying to fade out the fact that a lot of stuff we use in our daily lives ( and just be it some free and open source server software we don't use directly ) is a result of people working for free, out of idealism or whatever.

    We need something to show those people our respect. While I've been donating like .. 3 times in my live ( each time about 2-5€ ), there are certainly people donating more, and people donating less or not at all. And it depends on how well a project is organised, a good marketing and mostly the project size, it's highly unlikely that a simple cli-tool meant to be used for just one specific task will be a vital target for money transfers.

    So what about a pool, a common adress to receive donations with a ( fair, as far as possible ) system to distribute those amounts among active projects. I haven't thought about a precise system on how to split those amounts, yet I'm sure that capable people will be able to do so, in a fair manner, which is a cornerstone of this project.

    Factors influencing the distribution could take e.g. project activity, team size, download counts etc. into account, although the different uses demand a highly customisable system.

    What do you think about it ( Still hoping for comments ) ?

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  • Die besten Parteien Deutschlands, eine subjektive Übersicht.

    Bevor ich ins Thema einsteige, erst einmal herzlichen Dank an den Bundeswahlleiter, der mir die geforderten Informationen schnell und unkompliziert, und auch kostenlos zukommen lies. Und jetzt, die Liste, ohne Erläuterung, der besten Parteien Deutschlands, alphabetisch, und schwer subjektiv. Wenns keine Links gibt tut mir das Leid. Die angegeben Namen sind vollständig, es wurde weder gekürzt noch gestreckt.

    "Ab jetzt...Bündnis für Deutschland, für Demokratie durch Volksabstimmung" -> link

    "Autochthone für Freiheit und Frieden" ->

    "Christlich Abendländische Wertepartei" ->

    "CHRISTLICHE MITTE - Für ein Deutschland nach GOTTES Geboten"

    "Grundeinkommen und Volksentscheide"


    "Interim Partei Deutschland DAS REICHT!"

    "Keine Partei entspricht meinem Wählerwillen" ( Kürzel: KEINE ) -> email: .

    "Piratenpartei Deutschland" ->

    "POGO-PARTEI" ->

    "Revolutionär Sozialistischer Bund / Vierte Internationale" ->

    "Terra Esoterica" ( Partei der urmenschlichen Grundlagen und sozialen Gerechtigkeit )

    "Wir Rentner machen mobil"

    Wie immer, gefundene Tippfehler darf man behalten, ich freu mich über neue Vorschläge, gerne auch aus dem Deutschsprachigen Ausland. Und wer jetzt noch nicht den glauben an die Politik völlig Verloren hat, dem sei eine Recherche zum Wort "Filibuster" ans Herz gelegt.

    Parteilos: Momo.

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  • Heute: politisches Polytrauma

    So, manchmal kann man nicht anders als sich über alles was so passiert köstlich amüsieren. Aufregen nützt nichts.

    1. Die Abwrackprämie wird verlängert: Der Schwachsinn geht weiter.

    Alternativen: Steuern senken, nachhaltig in Bildung investieren, von dem schrägen Tripp runterkommen dass die Automobilindustrie in Deutschland noch viel verändert, von populistischem Blödsinn abstand nehmen, auf den Bundeshorst hören.

    2. Stadt Reutlingen, 14 Millionen für "modernisierung der Altstadt"

    und wie sieht das dann aus? Genau, diese Phantasie eines kiffenden Mediengestalters in Ausbildung kann man sich hier anschauen. Großartig, wie eine charmante Einkaufsstrasse mit dem Outfit einer ostdeutschen Mall versehen wird. Aber da man wohl allgemein keine realistischen Bezug zum Geld der Bürger mehr hat, weder auf Bundesebene, noch in den Ländern und Kommunen, muss man sich wohl an solche Geldverbrenn-Orgien gewöhnen.

    Und weils so viel Spaß macht, baut man noch fix eine Stadthalle, die zwar kein Mensch braucht ( im Gegensatz z.B. zu den Parkplätzen die dadurch.. nunja.. wegfallen ), kein Mensch will ( Bürgerentscheid.. ), aber Königin Barbara einfach gefällt. So Basisundemokratisch kanns sein.

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