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  • Facebook = Freedom of hate

    It's a crime to deny holocaust in Germany and some other countries. Even though it certainly restricts the freedom of speech. Imagine a german company running a global social network allowing ( or at least not banning ) such bullshit. Unbelievable, for good reasons. But it seems everything is just cool if some simple requirements are met:

    • Pretend to be offended.
    • Spread the word that the holocaust facts are something demanding to be discussed somewhere.
    • Hide behind your policy. Avoid clear statements.

    And, in case nothing of the above improved the way the world treats your social network, just read the following advice:

    We won't stop until somebody calls the cops

    and even then we'll start again and just pretend that

    nothing ever happened

    // Loose Lips, Kimya Dawson.

    And in case you're wondering: Still no way to delete your account.

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  • superdumper now at github

    My first and only rails plugin, superdumper, is now available at github, and can therefore be simply cloned by using

    script/plugin install git://

    thanks for using!

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  • Android 1.5 SDK Released

    Google has just today released the SDK for Android 1.5, the upcoming version. Not only is my beloved InputMethodService package finally included, but it seems that many cupcake-innovations found their way to the official SDK, which means that they are now open and free.

    My planned tutorial on getting ADT for Eclipse working with cupcake is not necessary anymore, luckily, and I'm really looking forward on writing a tutorial about how to create a custom input service. Stay tuned, once again.

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  • Twitter, Facebook, Wikipedia: rethinking revenue.

    Haven't you noticed a certain tendency of biiiggg companies trying to buy some hyped web-project, and failing in their intend to use it as their cash-cow? I think it's pretty obvious that it is both short-sighted and naive, yet this process continues.

    I've just read today that Twitter is still unsure on how to make money. And it's difficult, given their service. A web-based interface featuring the ability to publicly post 160-char wide messages, spiced with a social networking layer. No one would have ever given them the slightest bit of support for that .. ridiculous idea. But, like a thousand times before, it was exactly what people were looking for, and what they could use. But honestly, who wants to pay for a service like that? It's of restricted use and could easily be replaced, the second one being significantly more dangerous to any upcoming business model.

    Why? Well, time has proven that trying to monetize a good service in a bad way always leads to the same service being cloned and offered for free, again. And with respect to the nature of most services acting as pure infrastructure providers for some kind of social interaction, this is totally possible and reasonable. People just don't care about the logo on top of the page providing the cool service, they care about the service.

    And so we have some companies desperately trying ( because they need to, of course ) to monetize their products. Failing. And it's sad, because we all got used to use them in our daily lives, at least wikipedia. But how can we compensate them for their direct costs? It's hard to answer i believe, and the question behind is way more hard to answer.

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  • HappyDNS, an open, filtering DNS system

    Why do we need this? To be happy. Many people don't want to know anything about all the bad stuff that is going on ( that is: war, swine flu, economical crisis ) but rather want to be happy, being unaware of what is really going on.

    It's not exactly hard to built a system providing happiness ( at least online ). BIND and a root-server will do it. So if anybody wants to join, just contact me, I'm totally willing to censor all the bad away.

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