Author: moritz


Ok, let’s talk about focus. I learned a parenting hack a few weeks ago. One that really helped me to smoothen some previously tense or potentially tense situations. Whenever I need my toddlers to do something – like put on clothes, brush teeth, some part of the routine, and they’d be opposed to it (which […]

500 words

I used to have a habit of wrapping up my day by writing 500 words. As it happens with habits, I dropped that one and got a bunch of others in its place. Looking back, I feel the 500 words helped me to reflect on the matters of the day, or to conclude or continue […]


There’s never a better time for a change than now. In that sense I decided it’s about time to clean up my blog posts, only leaving some of the more recent ones around. The old blog content was certainly fun – but I have to be mindful it’s also from an entirely different episode in […]