I'm still here, ok? There is just a bunch of stuff keeping me from doing the rest of the stuff that would be keeping me busy under normal circumstances. To cite a friend of mine ( in not so perfect english, though ) : such is life.

After having annoyed with may day-to-day pains ( I haven't, so be grateful ), let's get a bit productive here. First of all, I plan on releasing the authentication framework I talked about recently here on github or some other hypersocial site. I'm sure that some of you might find it interesting, while others are going to hate it. Such is life, cont'd.

Rails is still filling up most of my day, but after moving to Stuttgart last week, I finally managed to think of other, maybe somewhat more interesting stuff. A good exercise was certainly to return to some unsolved facebook puzzles ( read: all except one ) and to talk with some inspiring people about ... a lot of technical geek-o-rama.

I told you to be grateful for not having to skip over my boring stories, but here you go. I managed to bring up my IKEA-kitchen by myself, and I didn't die. And, more fascinating, I even destroyed the Harddisk of my EEEEEE Pc without any physical interaction required. I wasn't even using it. It was actually my girlfriend playing Tetris or something similar, when suddenly, the system froze. And the harddisk emitted a sound resembling a crashing airplane in small scale.

Have a nice night, I will.