I'm like reading deutsche startups, a blog covering the first steps of upcoming german companies, everyday. And it's like reading a newspaper in the morning: you just expect something exciting to happen. Nada. It's just the regular suspects. I'm way to lazy to aggregate my readings into some stats, yet I estimate that at least 50% of all startups don't have a very unique idea not yet seen on the german or european market. They just modify a little detail ( let's say the pricing, the name, the color scheme, one tiny functionality ) and launch as the hot new shit.

And it's sad, it's really sad. There is nothing like real innovation. New ideas, experiments. Just boredom. And boredom isn't what I'm looking for, so the german internet seems like a one-way-street in terms of technology. Still usable, well, with IE6.

What is this post about? Frustration, a load of it. Stop copying, start innovating, fellows.