cimg0477after a long flight back and some sleep ( and some work ), I finally found the time to talk about the I/O and the handset the colorful guys gave to every developer.

Let's start with the wonderful things: everything at I/O was extremely well organized and planned. Not only the catering was excellent, also the possibility to meet with people everywhere at the site was greatly supported by the seating and the overall arrangement, not to mention the helping manner in which all google staff acted. It's a highly recommendable experience, even if you are interested in cooking more than in tech, I guess.

So for the handset: Someone gave me a clue before the conference started, I didn't believe him, he was right, I am still thrilled. The device, the HTC Magic with some custom Google-Branding, works. And mostly, even well. It's nice to see how a good operating system featuring a cool SDK can lead to a mass of apps being available. That's the most noticeable thing I guess. From a perfomance point of view, there are still some improvements possible, especially the touch-interaction doesn't seem to be as responsive as iPhone's, yet the overall impression is impressive. The 360°-StreetView is a killer, btw.

And what's next? A custom keyboard. I'm working on it, maybe this night a bit, maybe tomorrow or over the weekend. I see a big potential in _new_ input methods, as the old qwerty-style thingy hasn't changed for some hundred years...